Quincy 2000 Collaborative

Quincy 2000 Collaborative is the economic development agency of the Quincy Chamber of Commerce. It is a private, non-profit economic development entity that unites Quincy’s public and private sectors in a common economic development mission. Working together, business and government leaders promote Quincy’s economic vitality and make the city an exceptional place to live, work, invest and visit.

Since 1992, Quincy 2000 has played a vital role in attracting new business to the city, helping existing businesses grow, and providing financial support for new and emerging businesses. Whether it is starting a new business, expanding, or relocating to Quincy, you have a partner in Quincy 2000 and the Quincy Chamber of Commerce. We can help you create a business plan, prepare a loan application or guide you through the complexities of zoning, licensing and permitting requirements.